Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting and using our Tri-fold Brochure templates. Sometimes we’ve received some case cannot access to our Tri-fold Brochure templates on Google Docs/Google Slides.

We’ll explain the issue:

Firstly, our Tri-fold Brochure are designed on Google Platforms such as Google Docs and Google Slides, so visitors have to have Gmail or Google account to use them. All our Tri-fold Brochure templates are always Public Mode so after you access successful our templates then they’ll save on your account.

Secondly, while you access our site, you are signed in another email account (not Google account), so you cannot access our templates and send to us your request to access them. Because your email account currently does not belong Google account so your request access is not the success.

So how to resolve them:

  1. Sign out all email accounts before.
  2. Access our template link again then a sign in Gmail /Google account box appear.
  3. After sign in successful, you choose Copy button.
  4. Let enjoy it.

If you have to feel concern, please feel free contact us, we’ll support you.

Have a nice day,
TinyBrochure Support Team.

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